Help — Questions and Answers

Why should I participate and contribute?
Contributing has benefits. By us maintaing high standards in the selection of articles (keeping spam in check, refusing articles posted on hundreds of other sites), your articles will remain on a reputable site allowing you to gain the respect and reputation you deserve, while also making The V Groove a pleasant place to visit. We also allow you to link to your own site, sending targeted traffic to view your own work, portfolio, or blog.

I'm ready to contribute...but how?
Contributing to The V Groove is simple. First you need to become a member. To do so, go to Contribute and sign up. You will receive an e-mail with your info asking you to confirm. Once you've done so, you will need to reset your password for security reasons. You're now ready to contribute to The V-Groove!

What kind of content can I submit?
Our categories are focused on bringing a piece of art from conception to the wall, with emphasis on the production side of things (printing, matting, framing). The topics are broad; articles may be anything from photography tips, to in-depth tutorials on choosing a mat and frame arrangement.

Can I add images to my article?
Yes! We have provided space in each account ('Personal Files') for uploading article images. Once you have uploaded an image, simply link to it inside your article (use the 'insert/edit image' button and then click 'browse' to bring up a list of your images). Images are limited to 100k and dimensions of 500 x 500 pixels.

Is there a limit to length/words?
There are no limits to length; however, in order to attract and keep a reader, it is important to be as succinct as possible. Keeping an article between 500-1500 words is a good idea (to give an example, this help page is ~800 words). Length alone, however, will not be the determining factor in approval of an article. Please remember that your article synopsis will only allow 400 characters. You may need to 'save as draft' to properly preview an article.

Will my work be edited?
We carefully review each article that is submitted. Depending on severity, articles may be edited for basic grammar, punctuation, and structure. Anything we deem to have potential, but that may require more substantial editing work will be noted as such and sent to you to do as you wish.

Articles edited by us will be posted. Notification will be then sent to the author that minor changes have taken place. The author then has the choice to review the article and choose to notify us if there are any disagreements with the changes.

How long until my article is approved?
Please allow 48-72 hours for the review process.

My article was not approved!
In order to distinguish The V Groove, we have chosen to pursue and promote content of high-quality. If you feel we made a mistake, feel free to contact us. Articles may be re-submitted, but there are no guarantees that a piece will be approved upon re-submission.

I thought you said high-quality! What about [name of offending article]!?
Not everyone will agree with our decisions, of course. For that reason we've included a rating feature. Simply give the desired rating when logged in. The best articles will be promoted ahead of others. If you disagree with certain points, leave a (polite!) comment stating your reasons. We encourage discussion and will only intervene when comments drift from the topic or are deemed offensive.

Can I submit my work elsewhere?
It is acceptable for the article to be placed on the author's own website. Other situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Articles which appear to be available on hundreds of other websites will be refused outright. We encourage original content so to keep standards as high as possible.

Do I retain the rights to my work?
The V Groove retains the right to use your article on The V Groove and to reuse partial content in other areas of its sister sites (MatShop), as long as the original article and author is referenced. The article will remain your own property and will be credited as such. The V Groove is not responsible for external links which may quote and/or link to the article. By continuing to retain rights to an article, you are responsible for all copyright laws.

Can I request to have it taken down?
You can have your article taken down at any time. Simply notify us of your request.

Can I edit my work?
Changes to an article long after being posted will be reviewed case-by-case. We limit editing so there is a permanence to our site, and so that others feel free to quote and cite articles without worry of it changing. It is highly recommened you preview or save a draft before submitting.

Can I change the bio at the end of my article?
Changes to your mini-bio that appears below each of your articles may be made at any time under your own account. This will affect all articles written under this account immediately.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further information on use of this site.