About The V Groove

What is The V Groove?
The V Groove is envisioned as a cross between the informal, personal commentary of a blog and the edited and researched articles of a magazine (blogazine?) with articles contributed by both us and the art community. While we want to have a large resource dedicated to picture framing and matting, article topics can and are encouraged to cover a variety of art-related themes.

OK, I think I understand, but what exactly is a v-groove?
In picture framing, a v-groove is typically a thinly carved v-shaped line on matboard that is cut for decorative purposes.

Who's behind all this?
The V Groove was setup and is hosted by MatShop, an ecommerce site dedicated to selling wholesale mats and frames. MatShop is a division of M. D. Arndt & Co. LTD., a company based in Canada.

Why did you set it up?
Well, we felt our sites were not filling the need for quality resouces related to our fields; so rather than simply expanding our sites, we decided to try something new: involve the already strong online art community in creating a distinct, evolving online 'magazine'. Thus The V Groove was born.

Why should I participate?
The V Groove is certainly not alone in the online art world, but quality resources are hard to come by. By maintaining high standards (further aided by users rating and commenting), we hope that contributers will gain a postive reputation through their postings — and with that, some exposure and traffic to their own websites and/or portfolios.

Alright, I'm ready to contribute!
Great! You can register at any time, or read more information on participating and how we function in the help section.